Hello, my name is Karin Bradshaw

wife of 30 plus years, mom to our three grown sons, nurse by profession, consummate entrepreneur, someday; hopeful grandma.  I have always been a collaborator. This seeking out of others is perhaps rooted in my own insecurity; I constantly battle that voice in my head that tells me who do you think you are, play it safe, play it small. I need the company of women to encourage me to walk beyond my own smallness and pursue the hopes and the dreams that are hidden within. I am fairly certain that this is not unique to me but is reflective of the core nature of women.  Throughout history, women have gathered.  My dream is to grow a multi-faceted community of woman with whom we can wrestle through this second half and do so well.   By sharing life and story my hope is to encourage and inspire each of us to move forward with light and joy, for our own sake, but perhaps even more, as fountains of blessing to those around us.